Residential Blown-In Insulation

During summer months heat trapped in your attic can reduce your home’s ability to keep cool which places stress on your cooling system. Your energy costs can be slashed by up to 30% per year by properly insulating your home with our company’s blown-in insulation services. Our blown-in insulation is a cost-effective method of providing increased thermal performance in such residential areas as attics. As part of our free assessment, our insulation Windsor contractors will thoroughly assess your home to determine which interior spaces require our blown-insulation to deter outside weather, dirt, allergens, and pollutants from entering. Our company offers two types of blown-in insulation products:

Blown-in fiberglass insulation

Produced from fine fibers of glass, our blown-in-fiberglass insulation offers a very high level of fire resistance.

Blown-in cellulose insulation

Made of recycled materials like newspapers, fiber products, and other eco-friendly substances, our blown-in cellulose insulation is also designed to be fire retardant. With a slightly higher R-value rating per inch than fiberglass, our blown-in cellulose insulation has a tendency to settle over long periods of time.

Both of our blown-in insulation products prevent moisture, mold, and mildew build-up in even the most awkward of spaces and smallest of recesses. Our trusted team of certified insulation Windsor specialists can assist you in determining which type of blown-in insulation is best suited to your needs. They can also educate you on our commercial insulation and insulation removal services, and our many other residential insulation abilities:

For a better understanding of our talents, read our client testimonials and FAQs, and browse our gallery of insulation project photos. Contact Yvon Insulation to discuss your blown-in insulation needs in Windsor, London, Chatham-Kent, Sarnia, St. Thomas, Leamington, Strathroy, Essex, Lambton Shores, or Wallaceburg, Ontario.

Residential Insulation Services


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